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Komló Hotel Gyula****

The first and most beautiful hotel in Gyula, previously known as Komló Szálló, after an almost quarter century break opened again in July, 2016 and is available for guests as Komló Hotel Gyula. 


About us

In July 2016, the foremost and tarnished hotel in Gyula named Komló Szálló, after experiencing an almost quarter century of intermission, opened again and is waiting its guests as KOMLÓ HOTEL GYULA. 

In the heart of the city, the shining, nice building of the KOMLÓ HOTEL GYULA, built in Art Nouveau style, has been restored faithfully. It maximizes today’s claims, however rooms are kept in function as well as in gracefullness as they were meant in the begginning. 
Our guests are offered with a nostalgic morale, inimitable comfort, quality services and exclusive gastronomic experiences. 

36 rooms with elegant and comfortable furniture, of which 12 are spacious apartments are in Komló Hotel Gyula. Wellness experiences and culinary specialties are waiting for those who visit the hotel. 

Our guests can also find a gift shop in our hotel which is a main part of it, where interior, gift and fashion products are offered for those who are interested. 


The Komló Restaurant is available for 110 persons, a perfect place for weddings, balls, family events or business meetings. 
The kitchen is built on the traditional hungarian gastronomy, besides which international foods are also present. Characteristic flavours and premium quality are provided by the restaurant’s chef who is an Olympic winner as well. The wine supply is wide as well as the “pálinka” which  are both perfect supplementaries to the menu. Guests receive culinary experiences during their stay due to the skilled, polite and foreign language-speaking staff. 

Additionally, the hotel also has a terrace where as many as 50 guests can drink their coffee or the special offers during summer of winter. 

Naturally, the Komló Hotel Gyula provides services in the Restaurant, at the wellness and at the coffee terrace for those who are not staying at the hotel as well. 

Comfort, Health and Safety

Comfort and healthy environment is natural nowadays, however can be boosted:

The Komló Hotel’s king sized beds have  extra sized antiallergic and sunk free mattresses, with antiallergic bedclothes. UNIPROF floor cleaner and ÖKOLUX cleaning machine and POWERPROF high performance cleaning sytem is used whien cleaning the hotel, which passes the highest requirements and needs.  

For request, the Aeroguard 4S air clening machine can be placed in the room, which provides with clean, dust-free, animal fur-free air for those with allergy or respiratory illness or those who breath heavily. Eases the symptoms during the stay. 

In the northern part of the hotel, the Superior rooms are equipped with electric shutters, provided and produced by the JOLA Group. The required setting can be reached with the remote controller which can be changed immediately any time with pressing only one button. The most important is the comfort of our guests therefore we do everything to provide that and not even the sunrise can disrupt them in resting. 

It is a must that you, your family and your belongings are in safe in the hotel. For this not only the 24/7 personal service exists, we provide more: 

Inclosed, free parking area is provided only and exclusively for our guests. For the modern barriers the codes are given right after the reservation. To keep you belongings safe, there is a safe in every room where the guests can even place a laptop, giving your own code. 

Szállodánk ingyenes szolgáltatásai

In Gyula, at Béke avenue among other great buildings, under the number 8, the city’s foremost hotel can be found in the building of Komló Szálló, in a nice, Art Noveau style. 
The most tarnished hotel in Gyula was the home for great people, like the Japanese prince who was visiting Hungary. The original building was expanded in Northern direction in 1912 based on the plans of Valér Mende


36 rooms with elegant and comfortable furniture, of which 12 are spacious apartments are in Komló Hotel Gyula. Wellness experiences and culinary specialties are waiting for those who visit the hotel.


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